plumbing crew that provides excavation services as well

Turn the Water Back On ASAP

We offer excavation services to restore your lines

Are you worried about the state of your water or sewer lines? Bring in the pros to check them out. The contractors at Heeter Plumbing, LLC will:

  • Install your new sewer line
  • Inspect your sewer line by video
  • Repair or replace your sewer line
  • Switch your system over from a private septic tank
  • Install deduct meters for your irrigation system
  • Repair or replace your leaky water lines
  • Install natural gas/propane to your pool heaters and outdoor fire pit

Reach out to Heeter Plumbing ASAP to learn more about the excavation and installation services we provide.

Have you heard about trenchless sewer line repair?

Installing your home or commercial property's essential systems shouldn't have to destroy your yard. The team at Heeter Plumbing uses trenchless technology to install your water, gas and sewer lines. This way, we won't dig up your yard and cost you thousands of dollars in landscaping restoration.

Call 937-890-5526 today to learn more about this technology.