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John and Jenifer H.

Huber Heights, OH

"My daughter's experience with a certain plumbing company occurred shortly after she moved into her home in Huber Heights.

The main line from the house was draining slowly if at all.

The tech showed up and opened the cleanout spout cover and saw the water level was high. He worked on the drain for about fifteen minutes and did get some roots out of the main pipe. He changed blades and worked another ten to fifteen minutes with little success.

I knew that once he gave up, he would call in reinforcements. His supervisor showed up and immediately got out the camera. Approximately 50-60 feet of camera was spooled out when he began to show pictures on the screen of the roots and broken/damaged clay pipe. The supervisor began throwing out options of what needs to be done. There was talk of a total dig up and tear out & replace the pipe. I was quoted a price of $4,800-$5,500.

My daughter just purchased the home and spent a month getting it ready to move into. She moved in the day before this drain issue occurred. Without the funds to do the work we looked at other options. I knew about Heeter Plumbing and gave them a call. I spoke with the owner and told him my daughter's story and what we were facing.

Heeter Plumbing came out and worked approximately 45 minutes on feeding the line into the drain and did not stop until it was smooth. The pile of roots pulled out was 3-4 times that of what the other plumbing company was able to pull out. Heeter Plumbing was able to correct the problem without massive expense or weeks of work that was presented to her from the other plumbing company."

Angie N.

Huber Heights, OH

"My husband and I called a plumbing company out late one night because of a drain issue. They cleaned the main drain and everything seemed to be okay. The guys told me that they had a hard time getting the cable in and out. They offered to have their camera guy out the next evening to take a video of the main. They showed up the next evening with their camera. We watched the video as they explained that the pipe was in a shambles and wouldn't last more than another month. We discussed what the next step was and we were told it would typically cost around $10,000 but they would do it for us for $7,000. The supervisor made it sound like it needed to be done immediately and that they had a truck in the area. We were reluctant to sign the papers to move forward.

The next day we called Heeter Plumbing and they came out for a second opinion. They used the drain machine and had no problem. The tech from Heeter Plumbing advised us that there didn't seem to be anything wrong with the drain and most likely no reason to replace it. It has been two years now and we have not had any problems. We are not sure what video this other company was showing us but they were wrong.

We feel the other company tried to take advantage of the situation we were in and didn't think we'd opt for a second opinion."

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