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A house doesn't feel like a home without hot running water. Heeter Plumbing, LLC installs and repairs water heaters.

Water Heaters over the last decade have frustrated the consumer and plumber because of changes mandated by the government that caused them to be unreliable. Manufacturing standards have also been reduced to keep the cost down per unit. This combination has resulted in reduced dependability.

In my last house the water heater was 49 years old (NOT A TYPO..REALLY 49 YEAR) and still working when I sold the house. Now we are lucky to get 8 years out of a heater. Out of frustration and concern for my customer, and my reputation I bounced from manufacturer to manufacturer to find a dependable heater.

Finally, I was able to partner with State, AO Smith, Rheem and Rinnai to provide an "out of the box" 10+ year warranty heater.

  • No added parts
  • No mail ins
  • No special registration.

Just by the serial number, they will know you have a special heater. Since this is so unique, not every model of heater qualifies. See below for the models that qualify.

If your heater is over 8 years old, call us at 937-890-5526 to replace it! You can check that worry off of your list.

We utilize State water heaters, because of their reliability, warranty, and tank protection. We pride ourselves in using water heaters that are designed to last for you and your family. For more information on the water heaters, please click here!

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State water heater
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Water purification

We work with the latest in water purification technology, including:

  • Filtration systems
  • Ultraviolet systems
  • Water testing

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